Learn to Fly

Whether you play basketball, volleyball or just want to fly, this program is like rocket fuel for your vertical jump.


  • 12 Week Plan
  • Expert Programming
  • Online & App Access
  • Exercise Video Library


  • Standard Features Plus
  • Daily Monitoring via App
  • Weekly Video Review
  • Weekly Coach Check-In

Jump Training Plan

Athletic Lab is proud to offer the most comprehensive and expertly programmed vertical jump plan available. Designed and supported by our expert coaches you’ll be reaching new heights and doing things you never thought possible. Our Jump Program is:

  • Results Driven ? Guaranteed to produce results

  • Evidence Based ??Our programs are based on the latest sports science

  • Field Proven ??Programs proven at the highest level of sport

  • Tech Supported ??Our mobile app & website guide your training

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to like our professional and elite athletes.

Discover Your Potential

Our comprehensive approach to developing speed and power will have you taking flight.